on blogging

I find it quite hard to post everyday.

Initially, that was the plan: posting every day to let you out there and me in here know what’s happening. But then we all know that there are very little things I do daily so maybe I shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on me.

I found the title to this blog yesterday. I was contemplating calling it „up and away“… as a geographical reference as well as a referenece to the inner journey. The TV junkies might have recognized the title’s origin.
The German „davon“ also meens „about“, so I decided that the German title fits better. This will be a blog about my experiences in Sweden, after all.

(For those of you wondering: the subtitle which has been here all along is a reference to a song and a record by Jamiroquai.)


~ von netmarie - 2009/02/08.

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